Graphics for Affiliate Sites

Conditions for the use of these logos.

You may only use the following graphics on your site if the following conditions are met:

How to incorporate the logo onto your web site.

Click the image you would like to use for your site, and the HTML source code you will need should appear in your browser window. Select the text and paste into your HTML files where you want the logo to appear.

Images are 256-color PNG files with alpha transparency and no background, and thus do not require a matte. The background displayed on this page is to test your application for PNG transparency support. If PNG files are not preferred in your situation, matted JPG or GIF files are available upon request.

[TACHnet logo 330 x 132]
Large - 330x132 px

[TACHnet logo 165 x 66]
Medium - 165x66 px

[TACHnet logo 97 x 45]
Small - 97x45 px

[TACHnet web icon 16 x 16]
Web icon - 16x16 (no code, right-click and save)

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